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Healthy Work Characteristics to Establish a Healthy Work Culture

There are many ways in which organizational culture can be addressed and changed. How leaders and leadership address the change is important. Schein (2010) discussed the importance of leaders understanding cultural dimensions, assumptions, and how that influences their practices. Hackman and Johnson (2009) explored the importance of how leaders and leadership should take a symbolic approach to be an agent of change to facilitate change within the organizational culture.

In a healthy work culture, it’s critical to focus on leadership capabilities that will continuously improve the organization's activities and decisions. When an individual or group has a clear understanding of expectations, a healthy work culture can be more easily established and aligned with the characteristics necessary to reflect organizational values, ethics, standards, and morals.

Core traits of a healthy workplace include:

Ethics- What’s expected and reinforced within organizational culture and guidelines

Respect- How do you treat and value people

Professionalism-How and what should be done

Leadership-Leads, influences, and establishes work culture

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